We are launching a new cloud platform for business!

A product called Public Cloud will allow IT companies to independently use the resources of the TTS cloud infrastructure. 

With the increasing need of IT companies for computing power, there was also a need to use leased cloud infrastructure. This is a universal and modern way to store large information arrays in the cloud. By switching to cloud services, IT companies can significantly save their money and scale their products in the shortest possible time.

Taking into account the needs of the market, we started interacting with startups within the framework of the Plug and Play acceleration program. Last year, an international team selected hundreds of projects with innovative approaches for us. The solution most suitable for the needs of the Kazakh audience was proposed by a Mongolian startup - Fibo Cloud. A few months ago, we launched a joint project to develop a new product – Public Cloud. 

It should be noted that Public Cloud is a unique offer on the market of Kazakhstan and has great commercial potential. Unlike the classic virtualization of servers and storage systems, the product provides the user with a wide range of additional services with the ability to configure them independently, that is, each client has the opportunity to assemble their own infrastructure to meet the requirements of their business. The modules are easily integrated with each other, which ensure stable operation.

As the Deputy Board Chairman for Strategic Development and Innovation Yerlan Minavar notes, this feature allows you to pay only for those resources that the user needs at the moment.

«Public Cloud is a public cloud. I would call it the first Kazakhstan grounded cloud that is available to any user. While developing this product, we conducted an in-depth market analysis: we identified the advantages and disadvantages of existing solutions, the needs of potential users, and trends in the cloud technology market. This analysis formed the basis of our product. As you know, Transtelecom is one of the largest cloud providers in Kazakhstan, and Public Cloud is a kind of "door" that allows users to access these resources in a couple of clicks», - he pointed out.

In addition to cost-effectiveness, the advantages of the platform are performance, reliability and security.

In addition, the user does not need to buy new equipment, deal with the issue of hosting, maintaining operability and updating servers. The data is stored in the provider's data centers, which comply with the Tier - III international standard. By the way, today we have the widest network of full-fledged commercial data centers in 9 regions of Kazakhstan. Thus, we managed to eliminate the regional imbalance that existed in Kazakhstan, when data centers were located mainly in Almaty and Astana.

«We have upgraded our skills under the mentorship of experts from the Silicon Valley Plug and Play. And we are glad to present our cloud platform in Kazakhstan. We offer a solution with a high level of availability. It allows all market participants - from startups to large enterprises - to solve problems by introducing innovations», - said Fibo Cloud founder Purevbazar Purevjav.

Using the Public Cloud product, users receive not only ready-made «hardware», but also a staff of employees who will conduct round-the-clock monitoring. The provider also provides all conditions for the maintenance of infrastructure – security and cooling systems, power supply, redundancy, networks, etc.

Thus, Public Cloud can significantly optimize costs and solve the problems of Kazakhstani IT companies. Realizing that the product is new to the Kazakh market, we provide vouchers with a prepaid test period for familiarization and studying the capabilities of the platform. To get a voucher, it is enough to register on the portal