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One of the major branches of JSC «Transtelecom» is a branch in the city of Aktobe. The Aktobe branch is the key point for organizing a full range of services in the telecommunications market within the Western region. The branch serves more than eight thousand telephone subscribers on the basis of digital automatic telephone exchanges, more than two thousand broadband Internet access ports. In addition to the basic telecommunications services, it is possible to provide: Lease of IP VPN channels (VPN), Organization of corporate networksInternational data and voice transit, Interactive television. To the date, the length of the local branch network is more than 237 km.

Almatytranstelecom branch is a regional representative of Transtelecom Joint Stock Company in the territory of Almaty region.

Almatytranstelecom includes 27 service centers.

Almatytranstelecom provides a wide range of services such as international, long-distance, local telephony, IP telephony, telegraphy, Internet access, video conferencing, leasing of fiber-optic communication channels and information and reference services.

We operate modern electronic-digital exchanges, which provide uninterrupted high-quality communication.

Astanatranstelecom, Kabanbay batyr str. 28 - 4


The branch of "Astanatranstelecom" has the most powerful fiber-optic communication network in Astana and Akmola region. The branch of "Astanatranstelecom" is one of the leading communication service providers in the capital telecommunications market. To date, the branch of "Astanatranstelecom" provides high-quality telecommunications services to telecoms operators, state structures, business structures, and individuals.

The branch offers its customers complete technical solutions both for the creation of territorially-distributed corporate communication networks of any complexity, and for the connection of individual objects and enterprises, from the analysis of customer needs and to subsequent maintenance.

Atyrautranstelecom branch is one of the branches of Transtelecom JSC and provides communication services in Atyrau city, Atyrau and Mangistau regions.

Our clients are both individuals and legal entities. Atyrautranstelecom branch provides communication services for the structural divisions of the NC "KTZh" JSC, Department of the National Security Committee, Department for Defense Affairs.

Our branch employs more than 200 people. There is a staff of the qualified specialists serving telephone stations and linear structures.

The branch of "Transtelecom" JSC in Taraz city - "Zhambyltranstelecom". It was founded on September 1, 2000.

Currently, "Zhambyltranstelecom" serves an area of more than 1185 km.

The branch "Zhambyltralelekom" provides a wide range of services:
- Long-distance, international, local and telegraph services;
- Help desk services;
- Providing access to the Internet;
- Rental of high-speed data transmission channels.

The number of employees of the branch is more than 200 people. The client base of the branch totals about 7 thousand subscribers - individuals and legal entities.

Due to the effective management and professionalism of the staff, for the past 13 years, the branch has created a highly reliable broadband backbone communication network based on land fiber-optic communication lines; the satellite data transmission system has been created; the modern electronic-digital automatic telephone stations are used by the branch.

The Karagandatranstelecom branch is a regional representative of the Joint Stock Company "Transtelecom" in the territory of the Karaganda region. The Karagandatranstelecom branch includes 31 railway stations. The length of the boundaries of the branch is 1366 km. The main customers of the Karagandatranstelecom branch are railway enterprises that use the network's capabilities to improve the efficiency of transportation management.

Kokshetautranstelecom , Akan Sery str., 116а - Forum, 4 floor


The branch of Kokshetautranstelecom is one of the branches of "Transtelecom" JSC. The Kokshetautranstelecom branch was established in September 1, 2000 based on infrastructure of the "National Company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" JSC. It is the regional representative of the Transtelecom JSC in Kokshetau city.

The branch provides communication services in the territory of Akmola and North-Kazakhstan region. There are 21 stations in the area of responsibility of the Kokshetautranstelecom branch.

Kostanaytranstelecom, Tolstoy street 135a


The Kostanaytranstelecom branch was established on September 1, 2000 to provide telecommunication services for the companies of "NC KTZh" JSC and third parties. Before 2005, the branch provided telecommunication services mainly for the enterprises of the railway industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. However, in recent years, the client base has expanded significantly, and the company has taken a place among the largest operators of Kazakhstan providing a wide range of telecommunications services in Kostanay city, Kostanay and Akmola regions.

Kyzylordatranstelecom, Левый берег, Строение 112 (ЦОД)


Kyzylordatranstelecom branch is one of the branches of the Transtelecom JSC. It provides communication services in Kyzylorda city and Kyzylorda region.

Our clients are both individuals and legal entities.

The Kyzylordatranstelecom branch provides communication services for structural subdivisions of NC KTZh JSC, affiliated enterprises of the NC KTZh JSC, other enterprises and individuals.

The Pavlodartranstelecom is the regional representative of the "Transtelecom" JSC in the territory of Pavlodar region. The branch was registered on August 22, 2000, to provide telecommunication services and technical operation of the backbone communication network on the basis of the infrastructure of the National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC.

In 2001, the Ekibastuz communication center was joined to the Pavlodar branch. In 2004, on the basis of the order of OJSC "Transtelecom" "On changing the boundaries of servicing the branches", the Ereimentau communication center was added to the Pavlodar branch, which later became a communication site.

Semeytranstelecom is one of the branches of the Transtelecom JSC. It renders the following telecommunication services in the Semey region: international, intercity and local telephony, access to the Internet, lease of the main fiber-optic communication channels, access to IPVPN network, videoconferencing, hosting service.

The network of the branch "Semeytranstelekom" is built along the railways of the Semey region, serves the settlements: Semey, Zhana-Semey, Ayagoz, Zharma, Charskaya, Zhangiz-Tobe, Aul, Bel Agach, Degelen, Chagan, Suuk- Bulak, Kurchatov, Ush- Bike. The technical base of the branch consists of digital commutation equipment, data transmission systems, fiber-optic and satellite communication lines.

Oskementranstelecom, Maksym Gorkiy, 48 str


One of the branches of the Transtelecom JSC that provides services in the East Kazakhstan region is Oskementranstelecom branch established in July 2000. At present, the services of the Oskementranstelecom branch in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, along with the individual and other enterprises are used by such large companies as "NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" JSC, subsidiaries of Kazzinc LLP. Subscribers of the Oskementranstelecom branch are more than 300 enterprises and legal entities as well as more than 3,700 individuals.

Telecommunication networks Oskementrantstelecom are located in the area of Art. Protection in and around Kazzinc The construction site, as well as Oskementrantstelecom, provides telecommunications services to railway enterprises and the population at the station. Shemonaikha, art. Leninogorsk, art. Serebryansk, art. Zyryanovsk, art. Bukhtarma, Art. Ust-Kamenogorsk.

The Shymkenttranstelecom branch was established on September 1, 2000, on the basis of two stations: Shymkent and Arys. Since December 1, 2001, the automatic telephone station, local network, telephone and telegraph stations of Kazy-Kurt, Badam, Tulkubas, Turkestan, Shengeldy and Montay-Tas stations were included as a part of the branch. At present, the number of employees of the branch is 173 people.

Currently, the branch has installed modern digital telecommunication equipment at all stations that make possible to provide a full range of communication services, including the Internet access service. The total number of subscribers is 8925, 1490 of them are the users of Internet service.