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About social policy

The social support of employees and retired employees of the Company is carried out on the basis of Collective contract for 2012-2014 and stipulates the obligations that the Company has voluntarily taken on:

  • Following the norms in the sphere of social and labor relations;
  • Providing the material support and social guarantees to employees and unemployed retired employees of the Company;
  • Providing a set of social guarantees to employees, including the summer vacation and improvement of the Company employees’ children’s health;
  • Regulating the issues of health protection and work safety;
  • Assisting the comprehensive professional development and staff instruction;
  • Resolving the issues of employment and social support of employees.

“Transteleсom” Joint Stock Company thrives for improving the level of employees’ and unemployed retired employees’ social support and also resolving other vital issues related to personnel.

Забота о пенсионерах
Молодежная политика
Медицинское обслуживание
Базовые ставки МРП, МЗП на 2014 год
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