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Quality management system

A quality management system (QMS) in compliance with demands of IS ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) has been introduced and it is being supported in working condition since 2005. The certificate has been issued by NQA – one of the leading global certification bodies, accredited for the right to conduct certification works for compliance with demands of international standards.

The validity of certificate is extended to quality management system of the whole Company with regard to designing and providing services: local telephone communication and supplementary services; telegraph communication; toll and international telephone communication to subscribers of own networks, toll and international telephone telephone communication to subscribers of other operators; IP telephony services; high speed data transmission; telecommunication via dedicated connection network; leasing the communication channels (including international private dedicated channels – IP/MPLS); universal telecommunications services; mobile radio/radio telephone, cellular communication; Internet network access; connecting telecommunication networks of other operators to telecommunications network and traffic admission.

Creating and exploitation of fiber optical and copper connection networks, satellite and radio relay systems of telecommunications; cellular and trunking, paging and other radio networks, toll and international level; analogue and digital networks of communication.

In the framework of certification the activities of 14 branches of «Transtelecom» JSC were checked on the subject of providing quality telecommunication services across Kazakhstan. The obtained certificate confirms that Company’s activities comply with global and Kazakhstani quality standards. The principles of international standard ISO series 9000 were laid down as the basis of QMS activity.

Nowadays the work on designing and introducing ecological management in compliance with international standards of IS ISO 14001:2004 (ISO 14001:2004) is being carried out.

It is supposed that creating such a system will provide the Company with effective instrument by which it can manage all the totality of its influence on environment and adjust its activities with various demands.

“Transtelecom” JSC quality policy for 2013-2015

«Transtelecom» JSC - is one of the leading telecommunications operators in the republic of Kazakhstan that provides the services of international, toll and local telephony, access to internet network, and also leasing of main fiber optical channels of communication.

«Transtelecom» JSC is a dynamically developing company that is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with acclaimed and alternative communication operators of the republic of Kazakhstan and other international companies. Being the operator of main level we serve private and corporate customers and also state companies.

The main direction of “Transtelecom” JSC is providing the services with high level of quality that complies with demands and expectations of users.

The “Transtelecom” JSC policy creates conditions for improving quality management systems, augmenting the results of employees’ work and bettering the quality of production activity.

The “Transtelecom” JSC policy is aimed at constant growth of profitability, development of telecommunications networks and systems on the basis of raising labor productivity of modern high-tech equipment and widening the client base, and also constant improvement of acting quality management system.

We work in the frameworks of the Quality management system that has been introduced in accordance with demands of international standard of ISO 9001:2008 that was confirmed by certificate from one of the leading global certification bodies – NQA RUSSIA.

The “Transtelecom” JSC policy has been approved and endorsed by “Transtelecom” JSC President’s Executive Order №37-ВП from June 12, 2013.

Aims in the sphere of quality of “Transtelecom” for 2013-2015

  1. Satisfying the growing needs of clients in information communication services.
  2. Raising the commercial efficiency and capitalization level.
  3. Attaining financial and production indicators.
  4. Instruction of personnel in the sphere of quality, engaging every employee into participation in improvement of the process of providing communication services.

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