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For providers of communication services

  • Lease of trunk digital channels based on fiber optic communication lines
  • International transit of data and voice
  • Access to the Internet

Leasing of main digital channels based on the fiber-optic communication lines

The Transtelecom JSC supports communication providers with digital dedicated channels with capacity of 64 kbit/s and more throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The service is provided on the basis of the own transport network developed using the SDH and DWDM modern technologies and equipment of the leading global manufacturers.

The Company has achieved significant successes in construction of the main fiber-optic lines in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The total length of the primary main transport network of the Transtelecom JSC is about 7 thousand km.

The service makes possible to transfer any kind of information using any protocol: IP, Ethernet and others.

The cost of establishment and lease of service is calculated after preliminary consideration of the connection options, terms of lease, scope of the services ordered, length of channels, ways of the last mile establishment.

Leasing of IPLC channels

Establishment of the International Private Leased Circuits to connect the subscriber's office located in Kazakhstan with an office abroad through the transparent high-speed dedicated and fully digital channel (IPLC - International Private Leased Circuits). The service is intended for legal entities need to be able to transmit / receive large scope of information with high capacity at minimum time spending. The channel can be established in any direction and transmission speed required by subscriber. The IPLC route does not include any switching points that ensures the increased communication reliability.

Leasing of IP VPN channels (VPN)

The IP VPN service integrates subscriber's communication hub into a virtual dedicated network. The network of the Transtelecom JSC provides routing of the IP traffic between subscriber's communication hubs. The address space of the virtual network provided to subscriber, is completely individual and can be selected on a random basis. The Transtelecom JSC provides subscriber with a virtual router that connects all the communication hubs of subscriber. When establishing such a service, both static and dynamic routing protocols (BGP) can be used. When using dynamic routing protocols, the subscriber can modify own network, reorganize the address space, create new segments, etc., without informing Transtelecom JSC. All subscriber's sites are combined into one corporate network that makes possible to establish a "flat" network structure together with the "everyone with everyone" link. At the city level, this is achieved through the establishment of L2VPN, i.e. all sites of subscriber are combined into one VLAN.

Transparent digital channel

1) combine local networks and telephone stations of the remote subscriber's offices within the city;

2) combine offices both as per the IP protocol and using any other protocols;

3) integrate data transmission with telephony;

4) provide remote office with phone numbers of the mini-ATS or landline phone number of subscriber.

JSC Transtelecom together with foreign partners – communication operators offers data and voice over communication services between Europe and Asia based on fiber-optic line (FOL).
These services allow linking of structural units and integrate networks of companies-partners in Kazakhstan and abroad, as well as to connect to global data networks.
Optical fibers are used as signal transmission medium, which have specific features like high bandwidth and low losses that make it possible to transmit data over long distances without intermediate amplification of the signal.
High reliability of the network is provided by protection of fiber optical lines along geographically dispersed routes and by aligned operation system of cable communication lines. Connection points with networks of operators of other countries (Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan) allow creating an effective medium for the transmission of traffic of international operators, and ensures quality of services at the output to the trunk ground lines of international transit corridor Europe-Russia-Kazakhstan-China (Europe-Asia) and (Europe-Russia-Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan) (Europe – Middle Asia).

IP VPN capabilities:

  • High speed data exchange through corporate network;
  • High level of protection against unauthorized access;
  • The opportunity to provide wide range of telecommunication services.

IP VPN based solutions:

  • Data exchange between offices;
  • Corporate telephone industry;
  • Electronic document flow system;
  • Video conference call.

Access to the Internet

“Transtelecom” JSC is one of the largest primary providers providing the Internet access services within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We provide an access to the Internet via allocated digital channels - a quality and reliable way to connect at high speed, which is organized by the allocation of free resource from current or new fiber-optic line. Work via an allocated line provides an access to the Internet simultaneously all the users of local line as well as provides a quick access to Kazakhstani and foreign network segments and a high-speed transmission of large volumes of transit traffic.

“Transtelecom” JSC is registered at RIPE International Organization and provides a high-speed access to the Internet through ADSL, SHDSL and Ethernet technologies.

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