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Local, long-distance and international telephone communication

Additional services (AS)

Telegraph communication

Internet access

Local, long-distance and international telephone communication

Our company has a branched telephone network, located along the railways. This network is built on the basis of the latest achievements of the world technologies (OKC - 7 and SIP) using equipment of the leading manufacturers. It guarantees reliability and security of signal transmission.

The network covers all the major cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and all the regional centers, as well as many cities of regional importance and villages along the railway lines.

Long-distance telephone communication is a telephone connection between users located in the territory of different administrative regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

International telephone communication is a telephone connection between users located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the users located on the territory of another state. The telephone connection is established automatically or with the help of an operator.

The general access is provided to all subscribers of the network having no restrictions on the use of long-distance and international communication services.

Additionalservices (AS)

Additional services make possible to save time, ensure cost control, prevent unauthorized use of your phone, create additional conveniences in the home and at work.

Subscribers of the "Transtelecom" JSC connected to the electronic automatic telephone station can use the additional services

Additional services include the following types of services:

Abbreviated dialing

This service allows full phone numbers to assign short numbers of one or two digits. The number of such abbreviated numbers can be from 10 to 100.

Diverting (all types)

This service allows to divert all incoming calls to another phone number if there is no answer for a long time. In order to organize a diverting service to another number, the subscriber must first delete the previously ordered service (if it was), and then order diverting to a new number. When programming a number, it is necessary to comply with all dialing rules when accessing the local, long-distance and international telephone network. All the diverted calls including long distance and international calls are paid by the subscriber ordered this type of service. That is why, in order to avoid unauthorized order, it is desirable to enter a personal password for access to this service.

Notification of incoming call

This service allows you to receive a call from another subscriber during a telephone conversation with one person. In this case it is possible to:

- continue the conversation with the second subscriber (the third subscriber will hear long beeps);

- continue the conversation and cancel the third subscriber (the third subscriber will hear short beeps);

- switch to the third subscriber and cancel the second;

- talk in turn with the second and the third subscribers (at that, the inactive subscriber does not participate in the conversation and does not hear it).

Outgoing restriction

This service allows you to prohibit unauthorized access to long distance and international communication.

Alarm clock

The "Alarm clock" service will call at any time of the day appointed by the subscriber. The "Alarm Clock" service can be ordered only one time as well as installed for any period.

Fixed dialing

This service establishes connection with the predefined subscriber without dialing a number. When picked up within 5-10 seconds, the phone will automatically begin dialing the programmed number.

Call Waiting

This service allows you to put on hold a connection with a subscriber busy with another conversation. The connection is established immediately, after the called party is free (only within the given station).

Temporary prohibition of the incoming communication (telephone pause, "Do not disturb!")

In response to all incoming calls, a voice message sounds: "Please do not disturb", but the subscriber can use outgoing communication.

Conference call

Conference call service allows you to communicate with three people at once, regardless of where they are physically located.

Any incoming connection is forbidden. The phrase "The number can not be called temporarily" is transmitted to the caller

Determining the number of the incoming call (automatic number identifier)

This service makes possible to see the phone number of the caller on the display.

Anti-automatic number identifier (Anti-ANI)

This service will not allow the called subscriber to see the phone number of the caller (a subscriber ordered the service).

In order to activate the additional services, you need to apply with a written application to the subscriber department. The connection of the ordered services is free of charge, the subscription fee will be charged according to the tariffs.


The "Transtelecom" JSC is one of the largest primary providers of Internet access services on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Internet access using ADSL technology

The broadband ADSL access system (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a new technology of simultaneous voice and data transmission over ordinary "copper" telephone channels. An existing telephone line can be used for connection. The subscriber is equipped with a splitter (frequency separator) to which the telephone and ADSL modem are connected. The subscriber can use the telephone, fax and simultaneously work on the Internet.

In comparison with satellite and wireless access systems, the ADSL provides a higher quality connection close to the quality of fiber-optic lines. Compared to wired dedicated channels for ADSL, there is no need to find a free copper pair.

Transmission of voice traffic with simultaneous data transmission is provided. Data transmission channel is asymmetric:

1) incoming - from 32 Kbps to 8 Mbps;

2) outgoing - from 32 Kbps to 640 Kbps.

The subscriber's area is equipped with the computer ADSL card or the external ADSL modem.

The stations area is equipped with the ADSL-DSL Access Module (DSLAM).

Main advantages of the service:

1) high speed of access to the Internet (up to 512 Kbit / s);

2) additional Internet services (access to various information, music resources, online games, radio and other services on the Internet);

3) free phone;

4) permanent access to the Internet;

5) convenient form of the services payment;

6) possibility of independent monitoring of the consumed traffic;

7) possibility of setting monthly spending limits.


The "Transtelecom" JSC suggests services of transmission and reception of telegrams, i.e transmission of telegrams to one or more addresses as well as urgent telegrams. The basis of the network consists of automatic telegraph stations of digital and analog systems switching the telegraph channels.

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