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Астана, Казахстан — 20.12.2013 12:16:46

​Big deals

«Transtelecom» JSC works with such big banks like Eurasian development bank, ‘Kazakhstan development bank” JSC and SB “Sberbank” JSC with the aim of carrying out big investment projects. Carrying out the investment projects is important for improvement of providing services both to the sole shareholder – “National company “KTZh”” JSC and third-party organizations.

Nowadays «Transtelecom» JSC is carrying out an investment project of «Power dispatch traction Automated control system” at the expense of long-term credit lines of Eurasian development bank and SB “Sberbak” JSC in the amount of 17.513 billion tenge and 7.5 billion tenge respectively.

Besides that, due to long-term loan from “Kazakhstan development bank” JSC in 2004 «Transtelecom» JSC has carried out an investment project of “Construction of fiber optical communication line on the section of Astana-Almaty” (Fiber optical communication line-1). «Transtelecom» JSC has met all of its engagements due to this agreement in June 2013.

Due to loan disbursement from European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in 2008 «Transtelecom» JSC has carried out the investment project of “Construction of primary main connection network” (Fiber optical communication line-2). However, on September 20, 2013 aiming to hedge the currency risks «Transtelecom» JSC has refinanced the EBRD loan in “USD” currency into “KZT” at “Kazakhstan development bank” JSC for the sum of 11.136 billion tenge will September 25, 2018.

Therefore, it has to be mentioned that nowadays «Transtelecom» JSC is undertaking the activities on attracting the loan in the total amount of 22.164 billion tenge with the aim of carrying out the investment project of “Construction of equipment program complex of the communication platform along the railway lines” (Fiber optical communication line-3).

It has to be mentioned also that today «Transtelecom» JSC is a solvent client of big banks with ideal credit history.

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