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Leasing of main digital channels based on the fiber-optic communication lines

The Transtelecom JSC supports communication providers with digital dedicated channels with capacity of 64 kbit/s and more throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The service is provided on the basis of the own transport network developed using the SDH and DWDM modern technologies and equipment of the leading global manufacturers.

The Company has achieved significant successes in construction of the main fiber-optic lines in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The total length of the primary main transport network of the Transtelecom JSC is about 7 thousand km.

The service makes possible to transfer any kind of information using any protocol: IP, Ethernet and others.

The cost of establishment and lease of service is calculated after preliminary consideration of the connection options, terms of lease, scope of the services ordered, length of channels, ways of the last mile establishment.

Leasing of IPLC channels

Establishment of the International Private Leased Circuits to connect the subscriber's office located in Kazakhstan with an office abroad through the transparent high-speed dedicated and fully digital channel (IPLC - International Private Leased Circuits). The service is intended for legal entities need to be able to transmit / receive large scope of information with high capacity at minimum time spending. The channel can be established in any direction and transmission speed required by subscriber. The IPLC route does not include any switching points that ensures the increased communication reliability.

Leasing of IP VPN channels (VPN)

The IP VPN service integrates subscriber's communication hub into a virtual dedicated network. The network of the Transtelecom JSC provides routing of the IP traffic between subscriber's communication hubs. The address space of the virtual network provided to subscriber, is completely individual and can be selected on a random basis. The Transtelecom JSC provides subscriber with a virtual router that connects all the communication hubs of subscriber. When establishing such a service, both static and dynamic routing protocols (BGP) can be used. When using dynamic routing protocols, the subscriber can modify own network, reorganize the address space, create new segments, etc., without informing Transtelecom JSC. All subscriber's sites are combined into one corporate network that makes possible to establish a "flat" network structure together with the "everyone with everyone" link. At the city level, this is achieved through the establishment of L2VPN, i.e. all sites of subscriber are combined into one VLAN.

Transparent digital channel

1) combine local networks and telephone stations of the remote subscriber's offices within the city;

2) combine offices both as per the IP protocol and using any other protocols;

3) integrate data transmission with telephony;

4) provide remote office with phone numbers of the mini-ATS or landline phone number of subscriber.

International data and voice transfer service

The Joint Stock Company Transtelecom in cooperation with foreign partners - communication providers develops data and voice transfer service between Europe and Asia on the basis of FOCL.

This service makes possible to connect business units and combine corporate partner networks in Kazakhstan and abroad, as well as connect to global data networks.

The optical fiber is used as a signal propagation. Its specifics is high capacity and low losses that makes possible to transfer data for long distances without intermediate signal amplification.

High reliability of network is provided due to redundancy of fiber-optic communication lines along the geographically spread routes and the established system of cable line infrastructure. The points of connection with the networks of providers of other countries (Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan) make possible to create conditions to transfer traffic of international providers and ensure the guaranteed quality of communication services when connecting the land main lines of the international corridor Europe-Russia-Kazakhstan-China (Europe- Asia) and (Europe-Russia-Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan) (Europe-Central Asia).

Internet access

"Transtelecom" JSC is one of the largest primary providers of Internet access services on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We provide access to the Internet via dedicated digital channels - a high-quality and reliable way to connect at high speed organized by allocating a free resource from an existing or a new fiber optic line.

Work on the dedicated line provides access to the Internet simultaneously to all users of the local network, as well as promt access to the Kazakhstan and foreign segments of the network and high-speed transmission of a large amount of traffic.

The "Transtelecom" JSC is registered in the international organization RIPE and provides high-speed access to the Internet through ADSL, SHDSL, Ethernet technologies. The "Transtelecom" JSC is a member of the "Internet Traffic Exchange Center" Association. The mission of this organization is to develop "an increase in the share of domestic traffic, and reduce the overall costs of Kazakhstan providers for the rental of external Internet channels."

Access to the Internet using ADSL technology

Broadband ADSL system (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). This new technology provides broadband based on a standard telephone line.

The ADSL technology makes possible to use the phone simultaneously with the information transfer.

Simultaneous transfer of voice traffic and data is provided. Data transfer channel is asymmetric:

1) incoming - from 32 Kbps to 12 Mbps;

2) outgoing - from 32 Kbps to 640 Kbps.

The computer ADSL card or the external ADSL modem is installed at the subscriber's place.

The ADSL-DSL Access Module (DSLAM) is installed at the station.

Main advantages of the service

1) high speed of access to the Internet;

2) additional Internet services (access to various information, music resources, online games, radio and other services);

3) the possibility of simultaneous data transfer and telephone conversations;

4) stability, reliability and high quality of communication;

5) convenient payment terms for services;

6) possibility to set limits of the monthly costs;

7) possibility of individual monitoring of the consumed traffic.

Access to the Internet using SHDSL technology

The SHDSL (Single-pair High-speed + DSL) is one of the XDSL technologies providing symmetrical duplex transmission through a pair of copper conductors. Connection of subscribers with the provider's access point (the so-called last mile) is mainly used. The SHDSL with one wire pair is an advantage as for the hardware costs and, consequently, product reliability in comparison with two-pair cables.

The cost is reduced by 30% for modems and 40% for regenerators, since the HDSL transceiver, line circuits, security elements, etc. are required for each pair. In order to support customers of different levels, it has been decided to make possible to select the transmission rate of the signal. Thereby, providers can establish a marketing policy that is closest to the needs of customers. Moreover, it is possible to extend range of transmission without use of regenerators by reducing the speed. At the maximum speed (for a wire of 0.4 mm), the working range is about 3.5 km, and at a minimum speed - over 6 km. It is possible to use two pairs at the same time that increase the speed limit twice.

Access to the Internet using Ethernet technology

Ethernet is a packet data transmission technology. The Ethernet standards define wired connections and electrical signals at the physical level, frame format and Medium Access Control Protocols at the OSI data link layer. Ethernet is basically described in IEEE 802.3 standard.

Advantages of using twisted pair in comparison with coaxial cable:

- possibility to operate in duplex mode;

- the minimum permissible bending radius is less;

- high noise protection due to the use of a differential signal;

The reason of the optical cable use was the necessity to increase a segment length without repeaters.


Voice transmission over the Internet or any other IP network.

IP-telephony service makes possible to get cost savings by combining voice communication and data transfer into one network with the centralized technical support, and by eliminating the cost for long-distance and international communication when calling to remote sites.

The signal is transmitted in digital form through the communication line and, as a rule, before transmission, it is transformed (compressed) to remove redundancy inherent in human speech.

When speaking, the voice signals (words that are pronounced) are transformed into compressed data packets. Afterwards, these data packets are sent through the Internet to the other party. When the data packets reach the destination, they are decoded into the voice signals of the original.

IP-telephony provides voice communication over networks using the Internet Protocol (IP). The technology makes possible to combine a lot of dispersed objects of the company including mobile workers into a single converged network.

The principle of IP telephony is the conversion of voice communications into data packets. The telephones are connected to the data ports of the IP network. At that, the telephone functions can easily be performed by another device already connected to the network.

Local, long-distance and international telephone communication

The Transtelecom JSC has a branched telephone network located along the railways. This network is built based on the latest achievements of the world technologies using equipment of the leading manufacturers and guarantees reliability and safety of signal transmission. The network covers all major cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and all regional centers, as well as many cities of regional importance and villages along railway lines.


The Transtelecom JSC proposes videoconferencing service at a qualitatively new level. The modern equipment, lines and technologies make possible to establish various connection options. This ensures high-quality picture and sound.

Videoconferencing is a multilateral communication for transmission of sound, image and application data that can be used for all types of meetings when the visualization is required in addition to sound transmission. Thus, even the geographically divided conference participants can see and hear each other. At present, videoconferencing is popular around the world.

Serving the interests of our clients, we provide them with "Videoconferencing" service at a qualitatively new level. Modern equipment, lines and technologies makes possible to establish various connection options. This ensures high-quality picture and sound. Videoconferences accelerate and simplify different types of negotiations, meetings, trainings, and significantly save time and funds as well as reduce business trip costs. This type of communication makes possible to hold corporate meetings, negotiations with partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, remote interviews in recruiting and training, legal advice, telemedicine and much more.

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Establishment of corporate network

The Transtelecom JSC provides its customers with service of geographically distributed corporate networks (Intranet) with the integrated voice, video and data transmission that ensures a constant high-speed connection through the fiber-optic communication lines. The companies with branch network always need a common database as well as the prompt and confidential communication with their branches. In this case, the most effective solution is to combine the company's branches into a single structure using dedicated digital channels.

Outsourcing of Information Technologies

IT outsourcing is one of the fastest growing and promising sectors of the information technology market.

With the development of business and increased competition, the business increasingly refuses to invest in non-core businesses including from the independent construction and maintenance of the IT infrastructure.

The professional IT outsourcing makes possible to optimize capital and operating costs, business processes, creates unique competitive advantages for the companies related to application of the latest approaches to the development of such an important and in many respects critical for business part, as information technology.

Companies that do not belong to the IT market includes IT into the category of auxiliary processes. Due to the growing complexity of IT infrastructure and management, as well as the lack of staff, many companies consider IT outsourcing as a real solution to these problems.

The "Transtelecom" JSC is responsible for the positive result, regulating performance and adapting the process to the needs of the business. When transferring IT processes to external services, this role is assumed by the "Transtelecom" JSC. The efficiency of its work can be controlled through the performance indicators of processes and services registered in the SLA.

During the projects implementation, the Company proposes the outsourcing of all functions of the information and communication complex and consolidation of its ICT structure: centralization of the development tasks, implementation, management, operation and maintenance of information and communication systems in the management of the information and telecommunication operator.

Thus, the "Transtelecom" JSC focuses on many similar tasks, thereby increasing productivity and quality of their implementation. This is the social and economic sense of the service company in IT outsourcing. For large companies, the IT outsourcing will reduce the costs for using information technologies and improve their quality; standardizing IT processes increases the transparency of the company and improves the cost savings. It can be based on examples of the best practices, standards, advanced methodologies of PMI, ITSM / ITIL, COBIT, RUP, etc. The "Transtelecom" JSC and companies are interested in this.

Advantages of IT-outsourcing services for the company


No capital costs for equipping and further modernization of network equipment;

Highly Trained Specialist

No personnel costs to maintain network equipment;

Developed Network Structure

No maintenance costs to support network infrastructure (spare parts, tools, accessories)

Quality Assurance

Guaranteed service level (Service Level Agreement) SLA;

Security and Support

Full-time monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure, network equipment;

Solutions of the Future

Development of highly reliable modern technological systems.

At present, the Transtelecom JSC, being an IT integrator, implements projects on provision of IT-outsourcing services for potential clients and customers in NWF Samruk-Kazyna JSC. Within this program, the Transtelecom JSC provides IT-outsourcing services to the following companies:

National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC;

Support services for the Juniper hardware-software system of the NC KTZh JSC; *

Support services for the IDTN hardware-software system and protection of network points of the corporate DTN (Data Transmission Network);

Support services for Data Processing Centre-2 (DPC-2) and

HP hardware;

Maintenance of telephony equipment in administration building;

Maintenance of AirSpan equipment;

Maintenance of the HP server hardware of the SAP project;

System service and maintenance of IBM machines;

Maintenance of the InRowSC conditioning system;

Support service of the TCC multiuser panel;

Maintenance of a high-availability computing system based on Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) technology;

Maintenance and update of SAP software packages;

Maintenance services for the ACS STI ;

Technical support service of the website of the NC KTZh;

Service for the hardware system of the NC KTZh JSC;

Maintenance service of the automated meter reading and control system (AMRCS);

Maintenance and technical support of the "Electronic Archive and Digital Library" system;

Maintenance support in of engineering nets;

Technical support of C-Calculation - Payment system;

Technical Support of C-Calculation - E-commerce

Kazpost JSC;

Management of IT infrastructure in the central office of the Kazpost JSC;

Establishment of IP telephony in Kazpost JSC;

NC KazMunayGas JSC;

Service for the maintenance of telecommunication equipment

KTZ Express JSC and others

Co-location service

The meaning of this communication service is that the Internet provider places the server (or other equipment) of the client in the data center and connects it to high-bandwidth communication channels. The provider provides the client with co-location service of the IP addresses for equipment, communication channels, power supply.

This arrangement of equipment allows the client to save significantly by acquiring the capabilities of a large provider without investing large amounts of funds.

Typically, the co-location service includes:

- availability of backup power;

- maintenance of a climatic mode and ventilation;

- physical protection of equipment;

- the simplest maintenance services (reload the server, insert a disk, connect a KVM switch, etc.);

- monitoring capability of servers.

Provision of services on the basis of the Data Processing Center (DPC)

The data processing center is a specialized transport container intended for placement of the information, telecommunication and engineering infrastructure unit connected to communication channels intended for storage and processing of information, as well as providing a set of services in the established segment of network.

Provision of data processing center services: leasing sites for location of server and network equipment, storing and distributing information, supporting e-mail boxes or a virtual mail server, placing customer equipment on the provider's site (colocation), leasing dedicated and virtual servers (VPS, VDS), development and organization of corporate networks, development and maintenance of software, computer programming, information security.

Certification Center — EDS Issuance

At present, the Transtelecom, being an IT-integrator, has created Certification Center on the basis of the company (hereinafter - TTC CC).

The TTC CC is recognized accredited in accordance with the Rules of Accreditation. Accreditation certificate is issued on December 18, 2015 and corresponds requirements of national and international standards for information security and public key infrastructure.

TTC CC issues registration certificates for individuals and legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as for non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Using the services of the TTC CC will provide information security (information integrity in electronic documents) and legal significance of electronic documents in information systems through the use of electronic digital signature.

For more information: https://pki.transtelecom.kz

TTC CC performs the following activity:

·Issuance, replacement, storage and withdrawal (cancellation) of registration certificates;

·Primary registration, generation of private (closed) and public keys and maintenance of log (catalog) of registration certificates;

·Confirmation of identity, authenticity and validity of the public key registration certificate;

·Identification of the exact time for signing electronic documents by issuing time stamps on TSP-requests;

·Technical and advisory services for EDS;

·Publication of a list of withdrawn registration certificates (LWRC) in the DeltaCRL format.

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